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Student Handbook V2.3

June 2018 

Provides a quick reference guide to DLS training programs and processes.

Marketing Policy and Procedures V1.1 9-2-2018 

Any material intended for public release is covered by this policy and procedure.

Fees and Charges Policy & Procedures V1.1.

Fees and Charges Policy and Procedures V1.1 2018 – DLS Fees and Charges Policy applies to staff (general staff, Vocational Educators and Contractors) students and employers.

Dynamic Learning Services

NSW Student Enrolment Form

Dynamic Learning Services

Certificate 3 Guarantee Information

Dynamic Learning Services

Audit Report 2014

Recognition Policy & Procedures V1.0 14-2-2018

This policy and procedure applies to all courses on DLS scope of registration. It also applies to all current and future students of DLS, who wish to apply for recognition of prior learning.

Harassment Bullying and Discrimination Policy and Procedures  V1.0 1-2-2018

Obligations under relevant state and Federal legislation regarding harassment, bullying and discrimination apply to all staff, students, DLS representatives, contractors and visitors.

This policy applies to student selection and enrolment into a DLS training program and is relevant to all prospective students and their employers (where applicable), students transferring from another Registered Training Organisation, educators and administration staff.

Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedures V 1.0 22-2-2018 

This policy applies to students and/or their employers, DLS trainers, assessors, staff and any third party providing services on behalf of DLS.

Refund Policy & Procedures V1.112-1-2018

The following policy and procedure covers the refunding of fees payable for training services provided within Dynamic Learning Services (DLS) scope of registration

Consumer Protection Policy V 3.0 1-2-2018

DLS Consumer Protection Policy and Procedure applies to staff (general staff, trainer/assessors and contractors) students and employers.