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TLI31616 Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

This qualification is a general qualification for the Warehousing and Storage Industry. It includes the performance of a defined range of skilled operations, usually within a range of broader related activities involving known routines, methods and procedures. This course is suited to formalise knowledge and skills for persons working in warehousing or distribution or have recently changed careers. Persons studying this course may be a team leader, supervisor or be working with limited supervision.


TLI41816 Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations

This qualification is a general qualification for the Warehousing and Storage Industry. This qualification assesses the performance of a broad range of skilled applications including requirements to evaluate and analyse current practices, develop new criteria and procedures for performing current practices, and provision of some leadership and guidance to others in the application and planning of the skills.


FBP30117Certificate III in Food Processing

This qualification covers a range of food processing industries, such as grain processing, beverages, confectionery, dairy processing, fruit and vegetables, grocery products and supplies and poultry.


FDF40110 Certificate IV in Food Processing

This qualification targets those working in supervisory or middle management roles within food processing environments. This Qualification includes technical skills and knowledge required to solve food production problems and ensure that operations are implemented and maintained at optimal performance. Emphasis is on monitoring the implementation of food processing systems and procedures with input into the management functions of the organisation.


MSM30116 Certificate III in Process Manufacturing

This qualification is designed for advanced production workers who use a range of equipment and provide support functions directly related to producing products. They would undertake more advanced roles, working in accordance with the operating procedures and would apply their knowledge to anticipate problems and solve a range of foreseen and unforeseen problems.


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